Who Loves Money Reviews

If you have been on the Internet and keeping up with the e-marketing news, most likely you have heard about the ebook: Who Loves Money written by Kyle & Carson. This ebook has created a shockwave throughout the Internet Marketing community. But is it useful or just another rehashed ebook?

I have read this 106-page ebook from cover to cover and I would like to share my honest review about it. Who Loves Money is NOT another rehashed money-making ebook. Perhaps you may have learned some of the basic techniques in other ebooks but when you read Who Loves Money, you will still discover some new information.

For example, you may have learned from other ebook about market research and finding a niche market but do you actually know how to go about doing it? Inside Who Loves Money, you not only learn the actual niche hunting process, but you will also get a step-by-step case study that reveals the actual product in that niche market. How many ebook have you come across that actually reveals the actual products the author is promoting?

Another example, many ebooks teach about the important of keywords but do you actually know how to select the right keywords for your ad campaign? Do you actually know how to find keywords that convert? Many people use keyword research tool to generate tons of keywords that are expensive and too competitive. Who Loves Money will teach you a very simple method of identifying keywords that have low competition and high conversion rate. You can easily crank out 10-20 such keywords in minutes using this method. You don’t need those expensive keyword research software.

One critique I have for Who Loves Money is the lack of information on pay-per-click marketing. It focuses on the zero (or low-cost) investment marketing techniques. If you want information on pay-per-click marketing techniques such as Google Adwords, you need to purchase Beating AdWords (which is also written by Kyle & Carson).

My advice: Don’t buy Beating Adwords! If you want to learn about Google Adwords, you can download an ebook for FREE. This free ebook has tons of powerful information about Google Adwords. No need to spend another $77 or $97 to learn Adwords. You can find the download link at the end of this article.


Who Loves Money is a great resource especially for the newbies. If you are not new but still struggling to make your first sales then this book is for you too. The information in this ebook is all about teaching you to do the right thing and take the smart actions. There is no promise of overnight success here. If you learn and apply the techniques taught in Who Loves Money, you will most likely make money in Internet Marketing.

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